Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in Texas

This is our new house in Texas and the best thing about it is we get to live next to our great friends Josh and Karlie Dean. I don't know what we'd do without them. It has been so much fun being next door. The 2nd best thing about it is my new van! Mom says I'm officially an adult now. My baby girl is now starting to crawl. Help!!!

Just 15 minutes away from us is the Palo Duro Canyon. They say it is the 2nd largest canyon in the U.S. We love going down their for hikes, and eventually we will go mtn. biking as soon as I find a babysitter who is willing to tolerate my two fighters.

This is Ashton's best friend Clay. The two are exactly the same. They love to run around together, scream, and even fight.
We are so happy here, we miss our family, friends in Ohio, and grass like crazy, but I think we are getting more used to this little old town.


Nicole said...

Yeah! I'm glad you guys like it there. We miss you guys too, we think about you guys a lot. Hope to see you guys soon... somehow:)

Shonna said...

We sure miss you too. Can't believe she's crawling already; crazy!!!