Friday, July 1, 2011

One month of bliss

Before Tyler starts work as an official dentist and we move to Texas, we got to play with family for 3 weeks. It's amazing how the time flies so fast when your with family. I wish I got to see all my friends in Utah, and show off my cute babes, but I let the time slip away from me. Thank you to my family for such a wonderful time. It was so hard leaving and moving to a completely strange place, but we will see you soon enough.

A little boy's dream come true.

Grandma: Ashton's best bud

Madelyn and her little cousin Xavi

Mama Tia and her yummy cupcakes: She sure knows how to make a little boy happy

These kids sure love their grandpa

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Nicole said...

Sunni! We miss you guys so much. It's so good to see pictures of you- I can't wait to hear about Texas!