Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Night in the hospital

Last night was spent in the hospital, and you'd think I was there to have the baby right? Well, luckily Ashton was not born a month early, and especially in this circumstance. Tyler and I were in a car accident last night. (You can ask him the details). I knew I was alright, my chest and ribs hurt from the impact from slamming against my seat belt, and do have skinned up knees, but I wasn't sure how my baby was. After the accident I placed my hands on my stomach, and was reassured that my child was still kicking, so I knew that nothing was terribly wrong, but I still wanted to know that he was in fact fine. So we went to the hospital, and they admitted us over night to monitor everything. It was not the most pleasant night. We tried making the most of our situation by pretending we were at some nice hotel, but I must say I did not feel the least most attractive hooked up to all my I.V.'s and in my lovely hospital gown. They make those robes so attractive, especially with your backside completely exposed.

Tyler got accustomed to sleeping overnight at the hospital on his hide-a-bed, so now we can be ready for when the baby does come. At 6:00 this morning the new nurse said I would be staying all day because they usually like to monitor you for 24 hours, but then 2 hours later they let us go. I was so happy to be out of their... safely.

So everyone, please be safe and drive carefully!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baby Ready

We have finally finished the nursery and are ready any day for Ashton to arrive. I want to personally thank Kacey Bassett who made me the cutest curtains. They really add the final touch to the room. They are adorable. The pic of the car seat and stroller is for my sis-in-law, Jess and my amazing mother-in-law, Carrie. I can't wait to go on walks riding in style! The rocker chair is for my dear mother who gave this to me for Christmas. I've always wanted a rocker for the nursery. Thank you Mom! The crib was built by my darling husband. I still can't believe that he made it himself. He's thinking about going into the crib-making business, instead of dentistry. So anyone who's looking for a crib... let him know. And the cute animals on the wall are from Tyler as well. Don't they look awesome!

Snowed In

I was so happy when I found out that Tyler would be staying home because of the ice storm. So he spent the day shoveling ice off the sidewalks and driveway. What a tough guy he is.

No Tyler, your not supposed to eat the ice!