Saturday, November 27, 2010

Water show at the zoo

Miss Madelyn May came as a little bit of a surprise.

It began Monday night. We had just enjoyed a good dinner at Max and Ermas's with my mom who flew in just an hour before. It was a gorgeous night and I was feeling great so we decided to check out the lights at the zoo.
We walked around forever, and just as we were leaving I had a sudden unexpected gush in my pants, and no it was not pee. It was quite embarrassing as it did not stop. So I tied my coat around my waist, which was just drawing more attention to me as you could still see water flowing down to my shoes.
So we drove home, so I could shower, said my goodbyes to Ashton and my mom and headed off to the hospital. Just as soon as we got in the car my contractions started getting really hard and they were not stopping. When we got to the hospital I was wanting to scream.
2 hours later and little Madelyn was born.
7 lbs. 11oz.
20 in