Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wild Lights at the Columbus Zoo

Tyler and I enjoyed going to the zoo to see all the animals and lights. The lights were syncronized to the music playing by the pond. We met up with the Rencher's and Musson's. I was very impressed with Mark's fancy ice skating. I think I'll wait to do that after I get rid of this belly.

Thank you Sjostroms for the hot chocolate. Without it, I could have died because it was so cold. I think Danon felt the same way. This is Tyler's nephew, Tristan on Thankgiving day. Cutest little guy.

Christmas in Utah

This is my darling little niece Summer and nephew Ethan. We made a pretty sweet jump on our sledding hill in the back yard.
Here we are at temple square with Tyler's family. We enjoyed the gorgeous lights around the temple, even with frozen toes and noses.

Here's Tyler's turn to show off his cool toys. That's Tyler's dad on the Grizzly. It's pretty crazy what that thing can climb.

Christmas in Utah

We had a blast snowmobiling up American Fork Canyon. I tried to take it easy, being prego, but still somehow managed to almost tip the machine over. Thank goodness for my mighty strong dad and husband, in attempts to getting my sled out, got stuck themelves 3 times.

What a fun time we had this Christmas. Tyler and I spent Christmas with both our families. They only live 45 minutes away from each other, so that made it nice to be able to spend so much time with both sides. My cousin Lindsey is having a boy just a month after me so our parents threw us a double baby shower. My dear cousin Chelsi made me the cutest cake but was unable to come down for the shower due to the crazy snow storm we had on Christmas day. So this pic is for you Chelsi. Thank you!!!