Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First seaweed wrap...together

You probably thought from the title that I would be getting this done with my significant other. Well, you were wrong. This is Ashton getting his first, and last, spa treatment.

My wonderful Dad gave me a gift card for a seaweed body wrap at a really nice spa. It was going to be wonderful. I spent that morning shopping with my littlest sister. We had lunch and then headed to my hour of peace. Or so I thought... During the wrap, I could hear Ashton just screaming. After 1/2 hour, the massage therapist could tell I was a little uneasy about the situation and asked if I would like to bring Ashton in. He saw me, started screaming and holding his arms out for me. My arms were tied down and could not hold him, so I had him lay on top of me. Doesn't he look so sweet.

So it may not have been the most relaxing treatment, but I do believe it was the sweetest, and most special one I have ever had.

Sledding...in Ohio???

Oh, ya. You can sled in Ohio.

Merry Christmas!

This is Tyler's beautiful mother. We sure do miss you already, Carrie.

This is one of my favorite past times. Snowmobiling!
Ashton did not care for the scary Santa. Can you blame him???

Santa decided it would be best to come a couple weeks early to our house. I told I totally understood. He would be very busy this year. Isn't Tyler such a stud in his studly bikers suit?

Here we are at the Nutcracker with Peter and Sherrida. They did not let us take any pictures inside the theater, so this was the best we could do. It was spectacular. The room was gorgeous, and the ballet was done so well. It made me want to dance, but then I have to come back to reality and remember, no I probably should not dance with my two left feet.

We had a blast with our friends at our tacky Christmas sweater party. No, I did not win, but I still think I should have. Those shoulder pads were awesome. Unfortunately, Ashton did not like the idea of swinging a bat at the flying tooth pinata. There is always next year!