Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So in one more week I will be 19 weeks along and will find out if we are having a boy or girl. I am so anxious to know. I'm sorry for not telling everyone sooner, but I had to keep it a secret until I went to Utah... for my families sake. It was so fun surprising everyone.

This was the best idea, we had Ashton push around our luggage for us. A little hard to maneuver corners, but made my job a lot easier.

The food was good, display was great, but we were still starving. So we found a little French crepe place. Yumm! To die for!

In one more year this is going to be my new home... Colorado... hopefully. We have no idea where in Colorado, but at least we have narrowed down a state.
Hiking up American Fork Canyon with Mom, Dad, and Zoe. I am in awe of the beauty of those mountains.

This is my cousin Lindsey's little beautiful boy, Asher. He is the cutest little kid, ya and we totally did not plan the matching swimming suits... pretty funny though!

I am sad I didn't get a better picture of us jeeping, but I didn't want to forget the memory. I love my insane dad. I love climbing over those huge boulders, and feeling like we are about to tip over, (so maybe we were not that close to tipping over, but it sure feels like it sometimes... it has happened before).

Cascade Springs... gorgeous!
We had so much fun tumbling in this giant ball with the cousins Chaz and Zoe. I did not dare roll down the hill in that thing.

Air show in Dayton, Ohio

Pretty cool!
After the air show we set up camp with a bunch of friends, had the best dutch oven cobbler and stayed up way to late while the boys set up a trap for raccoons. We never did catch any :( The next day we played all day at the beach. So much fun! The water was warm, the beach was beautiful, but most of all the company was awesome.We had the best time in Utah. I'm sure our parents are a little relieved of us to go because we kept them busy. Thanks everyone for such a memorable time. It is always so hard for us to say good bye. I love you all.


Yes I can finally say it... we are having another baby!!! I couldn't be more excited and scared at the same time. What have I gotten myself into. Another one of these???

Definitely. I'd take 20 of these little guys if they were all this cute, (not literally).